How to back up Personal Address Books

Your Personal Address Book might contain e-mail addresses and contact information that is not included in an Outlook Address Book or contact list. The Outlook Address Book can be kept either in an Exchange Server mailbox or in a .pst file. However, the Personal Address Book creates a separate file that is stored on your hard disk drive. To make sure that this address book is backed up, you must include any files that have the .pab extension in your backup process.


  1. If you are running Windows Vista: Click.... Start.
    If you are running Windows XP: Click.... Start, and thenv Search.
    If you are running Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98: Click.... Start, point to Find, and thenClick.... Files or Folders.
    If you are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me): Click.... Start, point to Search, and then Click.... For Files or Folders.
  2. Type *.pab, and then press ENTER or click Find Now.

Note: the location of the .pab file. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to copy the .pab file to the same folder or storage medium that contains the backup of the .pst file.You can use this backup to restore your Personal Address Book to your computer or transfer it to another computer. Follow these steps to restore the Personal Address Book:

  1. Close any messaging programs such as Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, or Windows Messaging.
  2. Click.... Start, and then Click.... Run. Copy and paste (or type) the following command in the Open box, and then press ENTER: control panel
    Control Panel opens.
    Note: If you see the Pick a category screen, click User Accounts.
  3. Double-click.... the Mail icon.
  4. Click.... Show Profiles.
  5. Click.... the appropriate profile, and then Click.... Properties.
  6. Click.... Email Accounts.
  7. Click.... Add a New Directory or Address Book, and then Click.... Next
  8. Click.... Additional Address Books, and then Click.... Next.
  9. Click.... Personal Address Book, and then Click.... Next.
  10. Type the path and the name of the Personal Address Book file that you want to restore, Click.... Apply, and then Click.... OK.
  11. Click.... Close, and Click.... then OK.

Note: The Outlook Address Book is a service that the profile uses to make it easier to use a Contacts folder in a Mailbox, Personal Folder File, or Public Folder as an e-mail address book. The Outlook Address Book itself contains no data that has to be saved.