Windows 7 Tweak for adding letters to link window

Here's another tweak I do when setting up Windows 7. It makes for a much smoother transition for folks that are used to mapped drives and much smoother when coming from Windows XP and not going through the migration of Vista. I call it my "link" trick. First off youmap drives for folks using whateve flavor of mapping. In the Windows 7 era I do not use loginscripts but rather now us group policy preferences as it works nicer with SBS 2008 and with my Windows 7 workstations.

If you still have XP machines (and let's face it we will in our office for sometime) you can install the group policy preference extensions on those workstations so that they can use preferences as well.

So now that you've mapped those drives, now I do links and name those mapped drives to something descriptive so the person will see these mapped drives as favorites and will beeasily able to navigate.


  1. Click on users, then on the user name, then find the Links folder under the users profile.
    Under that Links folder, anything you add in in that links folder ends up on the left hand sidewindow of a file open window.
  2. Right click.... in that folder
  3. Click on new, then shortcut.
    Now put in the mapped driveletter or UNC (for demo purposes I'll use UNC path:)
  4. Click next to continue
    Now comes the point where you can name that mapped drive as well as put a bit of description for folks tailored for them.

When you are done, from now on, those mapped drives will show up in the left hand sidewindow under favorites.