iPad Repair

Need a quote for insurance

Call A Geek would be happy to write a report for your insurance provider with the details of the iPad repair at no additional charge to you to get your iPad working and the cost covered by your insurer.

Call A Geek ipad Repair Benefits:

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Fast turnaround on repairs
  • Quality components
  • Warranty on all repairs
  • Experienced repairs specialists
  • Broken iPad Glass

The iPad model's front glass also includes the touch component (digitser). This means that whether the glass is physically smashed or broken, or you are having problems with the touch response itself, we can replace the parts quickly, efficiently, and at a cost effective price point. We can usually repair iPad front glasses with in a couple of days.

Broken iPad LCD

If your iPad LCD screen is completely white, as unusual lines, or is showing other strange image issues, this is most likely the LCD and will need replacing. We provide a complete iPad LCD repair and replacement service.

Service Guarantee

All ipad repairs are covered by a 30 day parts and labour warranty. If there is any problem with your repair within a 30 days, your ipad will be picked up, repaired, and delivered back to you free of charge.